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Because your personality
isn’t the first thing
people see. — Unknown

I wanted to share 20 stylish ways to wear a pin this holiday season to make you sparkle and glow. Yes, of course, holiday jewelry is fun, by why not add a few vintage pins to shake things up to create a look all your own. Nobody loves vintage more than Si types who are fond of old-school fashion finds? Gotta tell you, I do love vintage with a boho vibe!

My fondness for pins was inspired by my mom, who loved brooches, her word for pins. She always had one on her hat, on a scarf, and, of course, perfectly placed on her left lapel. Me, being a creative eccentric, I’ve taken wearing brooches to a whole new level.

Below are 20 different ways to wear a pin, pick a few, pick’em all — pin your way, on any given day! Brooches are an unexpected style bomb!

A Basic White Blouse Now Has A Distinct Style

20 Stylish Ways to Wear a Pin this Holiday Season

I love how pins can give an ordinary purse a cool update or make an everyday polka-dot blouse, hipper. Brooches tend to make people take a second look because they bring something unexpected to an outfit. Read on to pick up pin tips, then tap into your fabulous personality and wear-it-you-way.

1. Be a rule breaker and wear your brooch on the right label🤪

2. Be a rebellious creative and wear five or more brooches on either side of your lapel: blazer, coat or jacket,

3. Are you a traditionalist? Royals typically wear their brooches on the left lapel of a blazer, jacket, or coat.

4. Try wearing brooches; three, five, or seven broaches in a row on the shoulders of a blazer, blouse, or coat.

5. Use a series of brooches to cover the buttons of a blouse,

6. Wear a brooch as a hairpin, pin it to a hair tie to keep it in place.

7. Fill a lapel with brooches: five, seven, ten, or more (make sure they’re styled for a put-together look).

8. Group a few brooches; 3 on one side/2 on another side of a blazar.

9. Use a brooch as a purse charm.

10. Brooches layered on a jean jacket are always in style.

Visit My Style Pinterest Page for More Ideas

11. Pin a small brooch to the front pocket of your jeans.

12. Brooches look fantastic pinned to the back of a shirt, in the middle, or on the upper left or ride side — an unexpected nice surprise as you walk away.

13. Pin a brooch to your tennis shoe; pin to the shoelaces.

14. Wrap a scarf and add a few brooches for a fun, new look.

15. Wear a broach on a blouse cuff or use instead of a cuff link.

16. Try a pin at the bottom corner of a pant leg, or add a small grouping.

17. Use a grouping of pins in a straight line on the outer seams of a pair of jeans.

18. Pin a brooch on a hat.

19. Wear one as a pendant.

20. Layer a few or more on the strap of a purse.

I Hope You Enjoyed 20 Stylish Ways to Wear Pins

I thought you’d enjoy how to wear vintage brooches beyond pinning them to the left lapel of a jacket or coat. Brooches are a beautiful way to upcycle and recycle, and they’re an unexpected style bomb. They make excellent holiday gifts, as each one has its own personality and is an unexpected accessory.

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