A Netflix Phenom: How Does Anna Delvey’s Personality Type Impact Her Life Choices? — Nina Zapala

Interested in Anna Delvey’s personality type and how it impacted her life? I have to say, in watching Inventing Anna, she appears to be a powerhouse with nerves of steel. I loved the way she marched right up to the billionaire tech mogul, Henrick Knight, played by Joshua Malina,… balls to the wall, and confronted him with one of life’s biggest fears, death.

She is exacting in her words, opinionated, a bit bigoted and offensive, with a steely expression. She isn’t budging until she gets a yes, very indicative of an ESTJ or, as I’ve come to know them, the Overseer personality type.

Executive produced and written by Shonda Rhimes, and based on Jessica Pressler’s New York magazine exposé about Delvey.

AN ESTJ’s Functional Stack

1. Dominant: Extroverted Thinking

2. Auxiliary: Introverted Sensing

3. Tertiary: Extroverted Intuition

4. Inferior: Introverted Feeling

Let’s Take a Closer Look at How Anna Sorkin’s Personality Type Shapes Her Life

In the scene with Hendrick Knight, her behavior expresses an unhealthy tertiary trait, extroverted intuition (Ne). In this situation, Anna knows her statement may be offensive, yet she uses this offensive tactic to make fun of those who can’t handle the truth to get to the truth — which she did. Of course, those who are spiritually aware will use all of their traits in positive, nurturing ways. Anna could have used (Ne) as its intended open-minded, curious approach to situations instead of embarrassing Knight into submission.

“I Work For My Success. I Earn My Accomplishments. Pay Attention — Maybe You’ll Learn How To Be Smart Like Me. I Doubt It, But You Can Dream.” Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin) from Inventing Anna

We Must Address Our Triggers or We Show Up in Unbecoming Ways

In Anna’s situation, her secondary trait, introverted thinking, shows up as cold, humorless, and powerful without regard to who she’s stepping on or how she gets there, very unbecoming. In my upcoming book Unpack Your Personality©️, I speak to personality triggers as gentle reminders from the Universe a personality trait is unhealthy. When we address out-of-balance- triggers, we begin to shed our fears and show up in more loving ways.

“Broken, Perhaps. I’ve Never Seen Anyone So Fierce, Turn So Fragile So Quickly.” Val AnnAS Designer Friend in Inventing Anna

Looking Closely at Anna Sorkin’s Personality Type Triggers

I have to mention the adverse effects of Anna’s dominant trait, extroverted thinking (Te), which, clearly in her personal life, is repressing her inferior trait introverted feeling ( Fi). An introverted feeling function is responsible for forming judgments based on individual and subjective values.

Anna is a classic case study. Can you see how an unconscious (Fi) functions will easily uphold any logical obligation despite hidden sentimental longings? It’s easy for Anna to disregard another person’s values because she’s unaware of the benefits of her inferior (Fi) trait. She’s become apathetic.

Anna Sorkin’s Personality Type Concerning Romance

It’s also why Anna calls out her lover, Chase, who’s played by Saamer Usmani, to stop with the sob stories because he’s triggering her. She sees someone else expressing personal feelings, which she suppresses to ensure her priorities meeting logical obligations are met.

Anna finds it extremely difficult to empathize with both of her lovers and can’t begin to understand what they’re going through. It’s because she wholeheartedly believes objective data holds the keys for things to go right in her world. A beautiful example of an unconscious person accepting the external world holds the answers to a meaningful life — this just isn’t true.

For most of us, our inferior traits remain unconscious. Has anyone ever suggested that your personality type supports your soul’s mission? Instead, we are pushed into a matrix, which defines what our life is supposed to be. Anna did so with aplomb.

“You Think That There Was Some Evolution, Like In The Movies Or Whatever, But I Was Always Who I Am.” Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin) from Inventing Anna

Can You See How Anna Sorkin’s Personality Type Represents Repressed Fears in Your Life?

Like Anna, we all have personality traits that need attention to bring them back into balance. The Netflix series, Inventing Anna, is popular because it distracts us from our very own fears and unbalanced traits that we need to examine, work through, and understand.

Most people prefer to point their fingers to avoid taking responsibility rather than do the work themselves. It’s a harsh reality but true. According to organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich, her research indicated that a mere15% of the population really know who they are.

Does Your Personality Type Play a Devine Role?

This statistic is low, but I believe many of us don’t know our truth. Why? Because we’re conditioned to become part of the matrix. We’ve inherited beliefs and are told to look externally for answers: our parents, higher education institutes, government agencies, the media all enforce to move us into the matrix. This patterning is why many of us ignore our intuition, our truth.

I believe we are part of the Great Creator, who planted a spark of Divine Consciousness within us. I see this spark as our eternal soul. My theory on typology is that each of us was assigned a specific type to fulfill this life’s soul’s mission. When this triplicity is aligned, you will live life inspired by the Divine, which speaks through the soul, and the soul expresses Divine action through the personality type. This alignment requires work, but the benefits skyrocket you into the 15% of the population.

Do You Believe I Nailed Anna Sorkin’s Personality Type?

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