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Can your travel personality help avoid the pitfalls of Crowdturfing?

What is the heck is Crowdturfing? It describes what’s been going on in the travel industry for decades, but now it’s fueled by AI. Here’s what happens. Companies recruit a large number of people to support a campaign. It could be as simple as writing positive reviews on TripAdvisor or writing negative reviews.

How Does Crowdtufing Work?

An excerpt from BBC News, “When buying a product or making a booking, most of us turn to online reviews written by other customers to help us make a decision. But some unscrupulous firms pay people to write positive reviews to tip the scales in their favour. Others seek to tarnish the reputation of competitors by paying for scores of negative comments.

Can Your Travel Personality Help Avoid the Pitfalls of Crowdturfing?

I can’t be more excited that Crowdturfing is getting exposure. Travelers have been misguided for years by Crowdturfing, and when AI gets involved, it will be so much harder for consumers to decipher which review is genuine and which is fake. AI will further push fake news. It supports algorithms using human tones and inflections when writing reviews. This will make it hard for travelers to separate AI reviews from people-posted reviews. Think about it, robots can post 24/7 which, until now, hiring that many people wasn’t cost effective.

How to Wean Yourself Off Reviews

Would you be shocked if I told you that you don’t have to rely on travel reviews as much as you think you do? Of course, if a trusted friend or family member or a bonafide travel expert can lend their expertise, listen. You can then make a solid decision based on your specific travel personality. Answering questions like:

  • Would you prefer a sprawling resort or a hip hotel stay?
  • Will you find me poolside reading a book or at a festival?
  • Do you like to chit-chat with strangers or are you more introspective when on vacation?

What is a Travel Personality?

Innate natural tendencies influence the way you travel and define your travel personality. For instance, do you enjoy browsing silently through a museum marveling at works of art? Does it leave you fulfilled and happier? While attending a music festival do you become totally invigorated by the sights, sounds, and crowds or do you want to crawl in a hole? Are you feeling fabulous that you organized a wonderful family vacation down to the smallest details or would you rather wing it? These simple unobserved acts are woven into the fabric of one’s travel personality. We will explore specific types in full detail in future posts. For now, you can browse a few previous blogs to start your journey within.

A Few Quick Questions?

To better serve this community of travel seekers, I want to know where you are online — Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr? Let me know where you like to hang out as I want to create a community of like-minded travel seekers who want to journey within before they begin exploring the world.

Stay Tuned — There’s More

I’m working on a quiz and developing each of the 16 unique personality types. I want to make each personality profile oh-so-delicious and useful. We invest so much in vacations, so why not make each trip amazing, transformational, and less stressful? Watch this space; they’re coming soon!

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