George V Cafe, Paris

Five insights you may not know about extroverts will hopefully open your eyes to seeing extroverts as more than bubbly, talking machines. The majority of people are not 100% this or that, and this holds true for extroversion and introversion. I am considered a middle-of-the-road extrovert. This means I sit in the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum. Most people immediately categorize me as an extrovert, but I have obvious traits of both.

Let’s Explore This Topic As It Relates to Travel

# One

I love to travel, but honestly, I am not a group traveler. Here’s why — long-winded chit chats drive me crazy. Introverts would probably agree with this sentiment. I prefer one-on-one conversations that allow me to have meaningful, thought-provoking discussions. Nothing wrong with chit-chats, I just prefer the latter.

# Two

Sitting in a cafe on a busy street people watching is my favorite thing to do in any big city. I once spent five hours at Cafe George V along the Champs-Elysees in Paris. I was fascinated by the comings and goings around me, taking in the live, street fashion show while being part of the scene without having to engage. A higher leaning extrovert would have got involved in a few conversations. An introvert wouldn’t have chosen this highly-trafficked street café because there are too many distractions.

# Three

Please don’t take me to a theme park. While I know many of my outgoing, extroverted friends love the action only a theme park can deliver and enjoy the non-stop discussions they have with people in line talking, critiquing, and detailing the experience to come. They thrive on the energy of the throngs of people who are making their way to the next ride or restaurant. I am exhausted just writing about it! Introverts will likely side with me on this one and probably not pick a theme park vacation.

# Four

I need downtime. As an extrovert/introvert type, I am not all that great at quieting my mind. This is where an introvert shines as quiet reflection to them is like breathing for the rest of us. On the opposite side of the spectrum, high energy extroverts may get anxious when they have to slow down and stop the dizzying pace of vacation fun.

When traveling, these differences can manifest into stressful situations. Downtime for me is taking the time to read a favorite magazine without interruption, meeting a local and learning about their daily life, or just walking the city amongst the crowds gaining energy without speaking. Funny, when I don’t speak I get questions like, “Are you ok? Is something wrong? Did I do something?” No, no and no. I need time to be with me. Don’t take offense it has nothing to do with you, I just need a recharge break. Introverts can probably relate to the questioning of an extrovert. They, or should I say we, mean no harm; it’s our way of living in the world — thinking and questioning out loud.

# Five

As my wonderful friend BeBe says, “Nina you will never meet a stranger.” And this is a true statement. I meet people relatively easy, which is a bona fide extrovert trait. I can be the life of the party, upbeat, high energy, enthusiastic — until my introverted trait kicks in and then, I am done. I shut down and have to go!

Travel is a different story. Typically when I travel my extroversion kicks into high gear and remains with me throughout the trip. I believe this happens because I am experiencing many new and different things, which feed me in other ways. I don’t want to shut down. Is it FOMO? Probably, yet when I travel in this extended extroverted state with an introvert, the introvert is screaming, “STOP, I need time to be alone.”

Travel Personality Traits

Travel is such an amazing gift for all of us, even if it means sitting under a tree in a neighboring community to regroup and escape your daily life. Travel can have a deep and meaningful impact on our psyche. It can help with creativity at work and deepen our relationships. If we as travelers don’t understand what motivates our own genuine happiness or that of our travel mates on holiday, we miss out on the benefits of travel because our focus is on the stress of the situation vs. the bliss of the experience.

Five Insights You May Not Know About Extroverts

Can you see why mass generalizations about extroverts or introverts are a big mistake? We sometimes see what we want to see without giving it the time it needs to be understood and applied properly. Hopefully, these five insights you may not know about extroverts will shift your perceptions on introverts and extroverts alike.

Discover Your Travel Personality Type

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