Don’t Change Yourself. Find Yourself. Discover the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing. Guide. Seeker. Dog + Planet Lover.


  • Tom McCallum

    Tom McCallum

    Sounding Board for Visionary Leaders ready to make a Massive Impact. Daily posts here, or

  • Hays Stanford

    Hays Stanford

    Helping people learn to build apps with React Native.

  • Laura Bly

    Laura Bly

  • Maggie Haukka

    Maggie Haukka

    Coder, Decoder, Code-switcher, Truth-teller.

  • Chris Backe (Worthy Go / Entro Games)

    Chris Backe (Worthy Go / Entro Games)

    Worthy Go is a travel blog dedicated to the weird, the wonderful, and the worthy. Entro Games makes easy to learn, easy to play tabletop (board / card) games.

  • Miguel Carvalho

    Miguel Carvalho

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