Practical How to Travel Tips for Introverts + Extroverts

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Do you seek happier vacations? Then you’ll want to unlock these practical travel tips for introverts and extroverts. Ever wondered what the hell your travel partner is thinking? Their babbling away trying to talk through a travel hiccup, and you’re like STOP talking. They’re probably an extrovert while you’re an introvert. Knowing this simple fact can help tremendously while on vacation. Well, it can if you truly understand the differences between these two personality traits. Let’s explore them further.

Unlocking the Differences Between Introverts + Extroverts

So do you know what the differences are between an introvert and an extrovert? There are quite a few distinctions, and these distinctions can have a huge impact on your vacation experiences. What’s so important about these traits? They help you define the direction of your energy and attention in the world. This is BIG! In simple terms, it’s an ATTITUDE.

A question to ask, and answer. Do you naturally turn to the outer world of people and things; this indicates an extrovert attitude. Do you turn to the inner world of ideas and imagery; this indicates an introvert attitude.

Dissecting these Attitudes: How They Impact Vacations


alt=”A practical Travel Tip for Introverts; A walk in the woods helps soothe the soul”
A practical travel tip for Introverts; a walk in the woods helps soothe the soul

These travelers have a wonderful way of moving through the world, and travel is no exception. Introvert travelers are easy to spot. When a travel situation goes awry, and it will, the introvert traveler tends to remain calm and centered. They are typically restrained and not given to outbursts. A few more characteristics of introverts:

  • They’ll need alone time for reflection, especially given the hectic travel scene; crowds, noise, and constant disruption,
  • Introverts will desire solo activities; golf, paddleboarding, surfing, hiking,
  • Do sidestep the introvert hangover; don’t stay too long, avoid crowds and give yourself time to reboot,
  • Introverts traditionally have rich inner worlds: they can easily zone-out when traveling, and they don’t fuss over long lines because what’s inside their head is way more interesting,
  • While on vacation they’ll pick a few interests and commit to them enthusiastically.


Extroverts travel with enthusiasm, open-arms, and a flurry of activity. These travelers move happily through the crowds, the noise, and the disruption. Extrovert travelers rarely meet a stranger; their friendly nature allows them to make acquaintances, easily. They are naturally action-oriented. A few more characteristics for extroverts:

  • Extroverts are fine in big groups, chit-chatting and meeting as many people as they see fit,
  • Many talk their way through ideas,
  • They learn best through doing or discussing; taking action,
  • The extrovert traveler will have many interests, and so they’ll schedule a lot of activities to explore these interests,
  • They’ll often energize those around them with their enthusiasm.

Mindful Travel Tips for Extroverts + Introverts

So back to the first QUESTION, what the heck is my travel mate doing? This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s where understanding the differences and embracing them for the fantastic benefits these differences bring to the trip. A few examples.

So let’s say you’re on vacation with your extroverted BFF who wants to do this, do that, go here and then grab dinner and attend a concert to top off the day. As an introvert are you running to hide in your hotel room? This is why I caution travelers to plan and commit to understanding one another before booking or embarking on a trip.

Introverts: A Solution

If this happens, and I know it’s hard to speak-up and speak-out, but if you want a low-key day, it’s gotta happen. Kindly explain that a full day and a full evening will be too exhausting. Offer an alternative schedule. Maybe skip the better part of the day, and join your friend for dinner. And only go to the concert for an hour or two if you feel like it, and then call it a day. This solution provides downtime; it’s essential for your well-being.

Extroverts: A Solution

What if you’re an extrovert and your BFF is an introvert? Someone who’d rather sit by the pool and read or hike deep into the mountains. While you enjoy, you’re friend and love to hang out you want your vacation to be full of activities not isolated in the woods or sitting by the pool all day. Use a similar strategy only in reserve. Explain to them that you need more activities and adventures, and if they can’t participate, that’s OK. Go about your business and meet up with them later. It’s not like you’ll have a hard time meeting new people. You won’t, and think of all the new friends and experiences you’ll enjoy. And you’ll get to share these fun adventures with your BFF, and others. Listening to your authentic travel self, lights you up, and is good for your soul.

Unlocking Travel Tips for Introverts + Extroverts for Happier Trips

Did I help you unlock travel tips to support both introverts and extroverts take happier vacations? Understanding both introversion and extroversion is only the tip of the iceberg. What’s below the surface, are your other travel personality preferences. I explore these traits further to help you dive deep into your genuine travel personality.

One more Travel Tip for Introverts + Extroverts

Compromising vs. Harmonizing.

Pleeease understand I’m not asking you to compromise. I don’t like that word. For me, compromise means taking something from yourself and giving it to another person to come to a solution. NO, NO, NO.

Why not use harmonizing solutions instead? Harmonizing solutions means being in flow with the other person’s desires and your own. Who made the rule that just because you’re on vacation together, you have to be with one another 24/7. Be a RULE BREAKER! Travel in harmony with the understanding that one of you needs more solo time while the other person desires a flurry of activity, people, and adventures. Namaste!

Practical How to Travel Tips for Extrovert + Introverts

It’s always my intention to create posts to help you explore your unique travel personality traits. Let me know if you happen to travel with an extrovert and your an introvert and vice-versa. Did you use the idea presented? If so, how did it work?

Stay Tuned — There’s More

I am working on a free quiz and developing exclusive tiny books for each of the 16 travel personalities. It’s taking me longer than anticipated. It’s the “P” in me that keeps me pondering. Know when these tiny books are ready, they will be uber useful. These tiny books are for travelers who seek to transform, awaken, and self-actualize by tapping into their INNER TRAVEL GUIDE — aka, your authentic soul self, while on vacation.

My radio interview for What’s Your Travel Personality?, aired on Speaking of Travel part of the iHeart radio network with Marilyn Ball. Give it a listen here.

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Happy Travels!




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Nina Zapala

Don’t Change Yourself. Find Yourself. Discover the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing. Guide. Seeker. Dog + Planet Lover.

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