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Would a Visit to Mobile, Alabama Suit Your Travel Personality?

I truly fell in love with Mobile, Alabama on the recent visit to the area, but hey that’s my travel personality type. The people are amazingly kind and helpful. The area has a culture like no other with French, Spanish and American influences. Southern charm is everywhere!

The architecture is amazing too. The city of Mobile has been smart enough to preserve historic buildings while investing in local artists which gives the area a rich flavor.

What’s My Travel Personality?

My personality type is the Inquisitive Traveler and my companion was the Authoritative Traveler. Here are a few distinct travel personality traits.

– Inquisitive Traveler, as you can probably guess I am inquisitive and ask a ton of questions, love to learn and since I am an extrovert I do like to engage with people. I am also spontaneous. This spontaneity was driving my companion a bit crazy as I was like let’s stop here, I’ll only be a minute … and of course that wasn’t true. Also, when I travel, I need a basic plan, but I don’t have to follow every little detail.

– Authoritative Traveler is very much an authority on all things and they too are extroverts. It’s something we have in common. They will plan a trip and know everything about a destination before the wheels touch down at the airport. My thought on this; where are the surprises? The fact is the Authoritative Traveler doesn’t like surprises, and that’s ok as we are all different with different likes and desires. This traveler prefers to be on a schedule, loves a challenge and they too are high energy. We totally clicked on the high-energy aspect, that’s what extroverts do!

Funny Story

Photo Credit: ZapalaPR

Ok, so we were taking a walk, and I of course was lolly-gagging oohing and aahing at the gorgeous cottages houses in the historic district of downtown Mobile. My typical travel style. While my travel mate was talking about the challenges she was facing getting all of her work done, while all of a sudden I face-planted, yep, flat on my face into the grass! My friend, who by the way, I’ve known forever was like; ‘get-up’. Not are you alright? Is anything broken? Are you bleeding? Once she saw I was ok, she just continued on. I was like dang, girl, good thing I didn’t break an arm or leg. She laughed and said honestly, I’m not good at all of this feeling stuff.

Honestly, she was just stating the truth. It’s not that she didn’t care, but feelings for this type isn’t their go-to. In fact, they prefer to head straight to logic and see feelings as weak. Of course, I totally razzed her about being brutal with me falling and she just laughed. She is one of my best friends so I didn’t take it personally.

But can you see how a situation like this could affect a vacation? It happens all the time. We each have different aspects of our personalities; which have been widely discussed by Carl Jung; who was the thought-leader that provoked Myers-Briggs® typing. I gone ahead and taken the 16 Myer’s Briggs typed and developed 16 travel types. Wanna learn more? Listen in via a recent interview on iHeart Radio entitled: Learn How To Plan A Stress Free Vacation.

A Travel Writer

We had a wonderful time in Mobile. Since my friend lives in the area, she managed to get work done and I managed to meet friendly people who I could interview about the area, learn why they choose Mobile as their vacation destination and I explore the destination. I was on assignment for the Naples Daily News, a local daily newspaper in Naples Florida.

As a regular contributor, and with my knowledge of travel typing it allows me to write articles that speak to both the extrovert and introvert. For the extrovert Mardi Gras was in full swing so plenty of people and moments to engage and thrive. Without a doubt, Mardi Gras in Mobile is a stimulating setting. Ideal for extroverts.

Not to leave out introverts the article also contained information on Dauphin Island, a rare, undeveloped beachside town which is very quaint. Heck, they don’t even have a stoplight on the island. Ponder, write, walk in solitude — ahh bliss for introverts who seek calmness and alone time.

Let me know what you think of the article. You can download a PDF here. Would share a link but it’s a pay-for-play deal.

What do you think about travel typing? Would you like to learn more? Stay tuned as I am working on a quiz to help travelers find out more about their true travel personality! Sign up and be the first to get the free quiz coming in late March!



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